Beacon Media Network

Content Strategy Reimagined™

  1. Optimize Pay Per Click conversions on Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram to drive more conversions.
  2. Manage your campaigns for you to get better results from the marketing budget that you’re spending.
  3. Optimize ad campaigns, landing page optimization, create assets to drive conversions and traffic to your offer or site.

    We multiply the results by utilizing best practices of these platforms along with our experienced team managing your campaign to split test and develop a formula on scaling up your leads and business.

Introducing “BizzyUp”

Do you have the bandwidth to learn or keep up to date with the search algorithm of Google or other search engine?

From SEO optimized content, web optimizations, google analytics and the 200 different ranking factors that impact SEO and Digital Marketing.

We have 20+ years of experience and a depth of knowledge around the art and science of
effective digital marketing and SEO. Along with patent-pending-IP (BizzyUp), we remove the risk and continuous learning curves that distract you from your core business. We will:

  • SEO Services
  • Pay Per Click Services
  • Online Brand Management
  • Social Media Management
  1. Convert clients to continually do business with you is the No.1 way to increase revenue.
  2. Establish or enhance your online footprint across many channels, Google, search engines, social media and organic web traffic.
  3. Set up programs that are proactive to maintaining your brands online presence.

    Many companies are now getting dialed in on how a positive or negative reviews can impact sales and growth. We have assisted
    multi-million dollar companies reduce the breakage when it comes to managing your online brand which directly impact sales, morale and conversions of interested
    prospects into paying clients.
  1. Review and assess your current social media footprint to align your message with your online management strategy.
  2. Drive traffic from your social media to conversion channel clients.
  3. Maintain your brand relevance, serve up your secrete sauce that makes you unique.

    People review all of the platforms to see what a company is putting out when it comes to value and offering. Having a company today without any or limited social media can take away from your overall value add.

For more than 23 years, Beacon has provided multiple Southern California cities with community news and information. In doing so, Beacon has provided a highly-effective advertising medium for its business partners to expand and grow through diverse platforms, including print and digital.

Beacon uses proprietary patent-pending-IP advertising technology to engage audiences across multiple content providers and platforms to forge stronger relationships for it’s clients and their audience.

Through the Southern California Digital Advertising Network (SoCal Ad Network) Beacon has the ability to reach one of the largest and most diverse populations in the country.

Our greatest successes to date are the relationships that Beacon has created over the past two decades. Our team, content contributors and partners are at the heart of our evolution and national expansion.

Beacon continues to invest our collective resources into the digital evolution of local and national inbound and outbound audience connectivity.


125 E. Chestnut Ave.

Monrovia, CA 91016

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